The importance of positive role models in your life

As our children grow, we as parents try and teach them important values to help them lead a healthy and satisfying life. But not every value can be taught by us alone. Kids need someone they can observe and study and form a positive opinion about, so that in their minds, they see an example of success.

Having role models is an important way to keep in mind the kind of person you aspire to be. They are a benchmark that we compare ourselves to. Their achievements are a constant reminder of the heights of success we wish to reach in all aspects of life. As, adults, we have role models but it is important that we teach our children to have one as well.

creativeSince having role models is a way to improve ourselves for the better, having positive role models is imperative. Children learn by seeing, hearing, and observing and on the young minds a positive influence is very important.

The role models, in general, should have the following traits:

  1. Strong moral character
  2. Hard working
  3. Creative
  4. Ambitious
  5. Open minded
  6. Kind, generous and polite
  7. Successful in their chosen field

According to Psychologists, role models are a blue print according to which we mould ourselves to behave when older. They say that it is a very natural survival instinct to do so because we are copying the more successful members of the society, which in turn increases our chances of being successful.

role-modelsWe cannot always choose the role model for our kids, but we can certainly give them a good selection of options to choose from. By keeping them away from negative influences, we can in some ways, direct our child’s mind to search and accept a better rounded role model.

Role models change as the age of the child increases. The role model we had as we were young isn’t our role model today. This is because as life progresses we develop a more distinct personality and we tend to look for someone who is more similar to us.

Here a few reasons why having a role model is so vital for children:

  • They serve as a parameter against which they measure themselves. This can be in regards to moral traits, education, career, lifestyle, manners, personality, hobbies etc.
  • A beacon when your child might seem lost.
  • We can’t always guide our children out of problems. This is something they should learn on their own and what better way to learn than by observing how the child’s role model overcame the difficulties in their life
  • They are a source of inspiration. Role models inspire our kids to be better. By looking at their behaviour and achievements, kids learn to strive for better. They learn the importance of hard work, dedication and the importance of professionalism and a positive attitude
  • Helps guide you through future decisions .Having role models like doctors, lawyers, professors, scientists, law enforcers, politicians and other professionals can help your child chose their future careers. By trying and walking in their role model’s footsteps, they tend to choose a better career.

strong-moral-characterWhile encouraging our kids to have role models, we should not forget to teach them that their role models are also human and that means that they are prone to mistakes like everyone else. By not putting them on an untouchable pedestal, you can show your child that it is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and ensure that you never repeat it.