How Well Do You Know Google

Google is at the top of the ladder in the realm of search engines across the globe. However, this isn’t the only service offered by them. Google products range from email to documentation to music – the charisma touches every sphere of our lives.

Google has become a very popular face for internet surfing, and by extension, technological prowess. Everything can be ’googled’ these days, leading to a smarter and more tech-savvy generation! (Here is why your child needs to be tech-savvy in today’s world)

Every individual with internet know-how believes he/she is a pro at Google operations. Surprisingly, most of these self-proclaimed experts stand deficient in their knowledge. The biggest reason being the diversity of options related to Google!

So cutting short the preface, let’s jump straight to the fundamentals of this article. Once you’ve gone through this piece, you will be able to gauge yourself as to how well do you or did you actually know Google!

Conducting Research Via the Site

conducting-researchYes, we all are aware that in order to search you need to reach the site. But the twist lies here! Did you know there are different Google websites?

There 3 options available to you. Type in in the web browser and go directly to the main Google website. This one is particularly designed to cater to the requisites of the United States and several other nations of the world.

The second option is to choose your own country specific Google version. So if you are residing outside the US, it may be preferable to opt for the version customized for your nation.

If you are on the hunt for images or videos in particular, then the subject-specific versions of Google will assist you in a better and productive manner. The ‘vertical’ search engines floated by Google facilitate the search of precise material.  

You can search for anything under the sun using Google, such as this piece!

Mailing With Google Account

miscellaneous-attractionsGmail Homepage can be easily accessed via the Google search engine. Log in to your account and reach your inbox.

A major asset of Gmail is the provision of default tabs namely Primary, Social, and Promotions. This enables sorting of emails received in categories of personal, social networking sites and marketing.

Several additional possibilities like archive old messages, star mark important messages and grouping replies to a single mail make Google account one of the best in its domain.

Documentation Through Google Drive

google-driveGoogle Drive helps you create, edit, share and save documents. Previously, the entire function was managed by Google Docs.

All you need to get started is a Google account. Log in and hit the button ‘Create’. This gives way to a series of options such as a document, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing. Once you have selected your format, the toolbar facilitates adjustments. All alterations are automatically saved.

You can even download the document to your computer or laptop. The final positive comes in the guise of sharing option. Add people to your list and collaborate with ease!

Navigation With Google Maps

google-mapsThe top menu bar present on any Google site provides smooth access to maps. As a default measure, Maps highlight your current exact or approximate location. All you need to do is punch in your search. From businesses to cities to addresses – Google Maps promise to furnish the most relevant results.

Well, that’s not it yet! You could zoom in and out, scroll around the map, locate important neighboring locations, get directions for the shortest route, attain approximate travel time, and above all even get an idea of the traffic conditions on the route. I don’t think in terms of navigation, one can ask for more!  

Miscellaneous Attractions

Miscellaneous AttractionsThe list of services offered by Google is literally endless. Some more facilities coming your way include Google Play Music for listening to the best of numbers, Google+ for generating strong online presence and social connections, Google Calendar for helping you manage important dates and events, and Google News to keep you updated with current affairs.  

Millions of people must be using Google at this very moment. We all utilize this forum for diverse reasons – some for research, many for marketing and an even larger number for entertainment.

What is cardinal is to use the platform to the fullest of its potential. Hopefully, this article would have maximized your efficiency in using Google!