How to Spend a Memorable Summer Vacation with your Child

Are you one of those parents who dread the idea of an approaching summer break? Well, even if you have replied in the affirmative; we assure you there are many in your league!

Of course, there is no denying you dote on your bundle of treasure, but having him/her home 24 x 7 is definitely a task! The boredom and the whining associated with the summer break are what get tedious to handle. However, being prepared is the best way out.

It is important to devise a prior schedule to gain some structure and semblance of order. This way the kids know the entire plan and look forward to each day. Your kids are happy and you, in turn, get some quality time to bond as a family.

Let us  find out some  interesting ways to keep your bundles of energy physically and mentally occupied.

Cultivate a Creative Talent

With the hectic academic pressures, children’s creative aspirations generally take a backseat. Summer holidays are the ideal time to tap latent talents in your child and facilitate their growth . Enrol your children in coaching classes to sharpen their skills.

Who knows you may be having a future M S Dhoni or Sunidhi Chauhan amidst you!

Read Together

read-togetherThis is one habit that, if imbibed early in life, is sure to take you forward. While every book has a lesson to impart; the habit of reading in itself is an asset. It enhances one’s vocabulary, promotes grammar and builds articulation skills.

It may be worthwhile to guide your children during the selection process. Encourage your child to share his/her feelings about the book. Make this educational experience an enjoyable one!

Cinema Time  

There’s nothing more fulfilling than to sit together, share popcorn, and watch a movie until late night!

Now, this is one activity we seldom allow our kids to indulge in during school days. Fair enough, as they need to hit the couch early. However, relaxing your rules slightly during the holidays is certainly allowed.

Make every weekend special by enjoying a good movie together as a family. Remember the selection process should be in turns – sometimes their way and sometimes yours!

Cleaning Sessions

cleaning-sessionsWhen the school is on, we only find books and stationery piled on study tables. The closets look no better. How about utilising the break to clean up and sort things out?

This is a perfect time to declutter one’s room and house. Research proves decluttering has a positive effect on one’s psyche and personality. So make the best of this summer to clear your mind and the surroundings!

Retro Games

In this techno savvy era, children show little inclination towards conventional board games. You only find them hooked to tablets and video games.

It is about time to discard the perception that board games are regressive and boring. Sit together as a family and engage your kids in games like Life, Ludo and Monopoly. Trust me, you are in for unlimited fun!

Morning Walks

morning-walksDevoid of noise and air pollution, early morning walks are definitely refreshing! In fact, amidst the chirping of birds and soft wind, you may end up having fruitful conversations with your child.

What better way to attain good health and stronger bonds!

Explore Nature

As an inherent virtue, kids prefer to be outdoors. Whether it is in the form of gardening, nature walks or just plain observation – allow kids to discover their natural surroundings. This activity ignites curiosity, offers a plethora of information and widens horizons.

Make a Daily Schedule

This one is my personal favourite. Invent a weekly schedule with  a plan for each day. For instance, Mondays dedicated to board games, Tuesdays for gardening, Wednesdays for experimenting with new recipes, Thursday assigned to cleaning, Friday to make a trip to the library, Saturday to grab a movie, and Sunday for a trip to the museum!

This breaks the monotony of doing an activity regularly and everyone knows what to look forward to the next morning!

Travel Together

travel-togetherWe end with the most obvious option yet a truly amazing one! Plan a trip to another state or country. You could even consider a campout.

Such experiences add to the knowledge of kids and make them more confident.

Summer vacation is a time to rejuvenate and reconnect with your children. Remember to make the most of these cherished moments as you don’t have endless summers with them. So plan well in advance to create childhood memories that last forever!