7 Reasons Why Video Games are Actually Good For Your Kids

For long, parents have adhered to the conventional philosophy on video games usage. This thought process negates the practice of video games in comparison to other forms of physical and mental activity. Most parents consider time spent playing video games as time totally washed out!

In a shocking revelation, certain studies have showcased positives of video gaming that definitely surpass the negative notions! Does that leave you bewildered how an activity you perceived as brain drain can do your child any good? After all being glued to yet another screen has no real sweat involved!

Agreed! Video gaming requires supervision and ought to be played in moderation. But it certainly has its own set of advantages to offer towards child growth.

We unfold 7 reasons why video games can actually be good for your child!

Build Critical Thinking Skills

critial-thinkingWhen viewing television, kids are mere couch potatoes passively staring at more often than not trash content! Video gaming is a different ball game altogether.

There are an array of video games specially designed to trigger critical thinking and problem-solving skills in children. These games require the player to process enormous data and utilize it rationally to emerge as a winner!

Broaden Intellectual Domain

Video gaming is not always about entertainment. There are several video games structured to motivate research and reading amongst children.

Games like Civilization, Age of Empires and Age of Mythology evoke interest in world history. With slight parental intervention, these games can serve as potent platforms to learn about diverse cultures and international relations. Video games serve a part in making your child an all-rounder.

Teach to Overcome Failure

overcome-the-failureMost video games involve various skill levels. Each category comes enveloped with a risk and reward strategy. A player has to struggle to reach the eventual goal.

In a broader perspective, this entire gimmick teaches children not to stop at failure. They learn to overcome their fear of failure, maintain positivity and consistently make efforts to win.  

Expand Social Circle

Video gaming is a social activity. It brings forth additional enjoyment when played with others!

Kids love to hang out together and play video games. This definitely helps them make new friends and spend quality time together in a more structured and focused manner.

Strengthen Hand Eye Co-ordination

strengthResearch highlights the positive role of video gaming towards improvisation of balance and coordination in the human body. In fact, the activity has even benefited those suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Hand Eye Coordination is a precious human skill mandatory for diverse routine activities. Playing video games is directly beneficial to this invaluable dexterity.

Reinforce Family Bonding

family bondingEver sat down with your kid to play the game? Make an attempt! The exuberance of spending fun time with your kid will outweigh all negatives you have  in your mind.

These games are an inherent part of modern childhood. Playing together will bring loads of laughter and strengthen family bonding! Here is what else you can do while spending quality time with your children.

Encourage Outdoor Play

This one will be a real shocker for you! In complete contradiction to the traditional perception, studies actually highlight a directly proportional relationship between playing virtual sports video games and spending real time in the playground.

Kids especially boys pick up various moves from the sports video games and implement the same while skateboarding or playing basketball. Some even get motivated to experiment with new field games after exposure at screen level.

Take a trip down the memory lane! Remember the times when you as a kid played Monopoly with your parents? It sure was absolute bliss!

Times have moved ahead. The names of the games have been replaced but believe me, the gratification is still the same. Get out of the conventional cast because video gaming is here to surprise you with potential intellectual, social and physical benefits!