7 games to keep your mind active this summer

Final exams are about to end and the summer is about to begin. Soon the summer vacation will start too. Sleeping in late and mindless T.V. will lose its charm soon, and the days will seem longer and more tedious. Amidst all these mind numbing things, it is very important to keep the brain sharp and tactful. Soon the vacation will end and it’s back to school, so we need to keep our minds sharp for a good start.

Studies have proven that regular and organized stimulation of the brain will greatly improve its efficiency and productivity and such activities are called ‘Brain Training’. By continuous stimulation, you are forcing your mind into working and encouraging it to stay sharp. A lot of brain training is simple and involves building focus, concentration and increasing the work capacity.

Below are a few fun and interesting games for kids to keep their mind keen-edged this summer:



The testament to this game’s mind building power is widespread. Playing chess improves concentration, builds strategy, improves observation and instills patience and a sense of prediction. This is a game to be played when fully awake and aware and when played properly is a great way to spend time and still keep your brain sharp. Also, knowing how to play it makes them look smarter among their friends.


A very popular game coming in every newspaper every day, this puzzle was how our parents and possibly grandparents spent their late afternoons and evenings.  Involving rows and columns, with hints given for each entry, this puzzle will tickle your brain cells. Crosswords are an effective way to build vocabulary and problem-solving skills.



Another popular puzzle appearing daily alongside the crosswords is Sudoku. Unlike crossword, which involves words, Sudoku involves numbers. The rule is pretty simple, fill in numbers in a 9×9 semi filled square in such a way that the number isn’t repeated in that row and column again. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. By solving these kids puzzle games your child will improve cognitive powers and observation skills.

The above-mentioned games are for those who prefer the old ways of doing things. They are tried and tested. But the summer games mentioned below are for those who like their technology:

Word Searches:


Mostly played on smartphones and tablets, this game requires concentration and observation. It starts out simple but as the grid increases in size so does the complexity of the words and the difficulty in finding them. The advantages of this game are increased observation skill, visual acuity with a side of improved vocabulary.

Memory games:


These memory games come in various shapes and forms and can be easily found on websites and as applications. They tell you to memorize a list of words or patterns or items and ask questions or tasks based on what you were shown. It takes the time to get the hang of the game but soon you’ll start getting better at it. It helps you build your memory and concentration. Popular memory games are Complete Memory Trainer and Eidetic.

 Find it:


This is a great brain game for kids and can also be found on various websites, or as an application on phones and tablets. It is usually in the form of adventure quests. Like word search, this game uses pictures of things that you have to find in a particular scene. The items are usually well camouflaged and require focus and visual discrimination to be found. As the levels progress, the harder it is to find things. Play this and see how good you are at finding stuff.

 Math v/s Brain:


Math. Kids may not like it, but they need it. This game is very useful to keep the brain on its toes. The problems range from grade 1 to grade 10.Your child can choose the level of difficulty and try and solve the problem. They also give hints when he/she feel it’s getting too difficult. The problems aren’t too difficult but they do force you to really think, reinforcing memory and problem-solving skills.

Give these games a try and see if your kids are able to succeed. If they don’t like a particular game, encourage them to give another one a try because it is important to let their minds grow. All the best!