10 ways to identify and optimize your child’s learning style

Learning is an adventure that never ends but only when it happens the natural way! You cannot force learning upon your child no matter how hard you try.

We at Samashti International School share with you 10 amazing ways that would help you identify your child’s learning style and optimize it the best possible way:

Identifying the learning style

  • Every kid is different when it comes to his or her actual learning style. Scientists have identified three key styles.
  • Auditory learners express themselves better through words.
  • Visual learners need a visual stimulation to learn. They express themselves through facial expressions.
  • Kinesthetic learners use their body language to express themselves. Such learners make an extensive use of their hands to study objects.

See what he finds enjoyable!

  • It is important to help a child learn in the way they enjoy the experience the most.
  • The role of hobbies is important in every child’s life and integrating these hobbies into their learning can be of great help in their learning. Here are a few ways you can help your child get started on the path of creative thinking.
  • Auditory learners enjoy activities involving sound and music.
  • Visual learners enjoy reading books and watching television.
  • Kinesthetic learners enjoy sports activities a lot!

Look at his problem solving methods

  • The way a child attempts to solve a problem or task at hand reveals a lot about his or her learning style.
  • Auditory Learners would prefer to talk through as they discuss the solution to a particular problem.
  • A kinesthetic Learner would use their hands as they attempt to solve a problem.
  • A child who’s a great visual learner would instead make maximal use of his eyes.

Understand the role of Genetics

  • Although it is not written in stone, females generally tend to be auditory learners and males tend to be  visual learners.
  • Styles of learning often run in families. A child is likely to be a visual learner if both his parents are visual learners themselves.
  • Stay clear of simplistic assumptions, though- such assumptions may help in the initial assessment of your child’s learning style but must be seriously evaluated.

Choose the best school

  • Consider getting your ward admitted to a school that pays individual attention to every child in the classroom.
  • A carefully chosen international school in Hyderabad might be an ideal choice, for a school can play a pivotal role in a child’s development.

Teaching styleSchools play a vital role in facilitating learning and making it enjoyable!

Get in touch with the teachers

  • Teachers play an extremely vital role in shaping a child’s learning skills.
  • Make sure you regularly speak with your child’s teachers to know how he takes to learning.
  • Inquire about the learning style your child is most comfortable with based on his behaviour and activities in school.

Take Quizzes

  • A Quiz can greatly help a parent identify his child’s learning style.
  • Such quizzes are available on several websites and take the form of multiple choice questions.
  • Based on the initial assessment, you could then understand your child’s learning style better and how it can be optimized in a positive manner.

Matching your teaching style

  • Once you successfully identify your child’s learning style, you need to match your own teaching style in a manner that most resembles the diagnosed style of learning.
  • Auditory learners are best taught by incorporating mathematical equations, for example, in a song!

learning-skillEncourage your child to learn using his preferred way of understanding- fun play, songs, etc!

Encourage your child

  • Encourage your child to study himself making the best use of his preferred way of learning.
  • Ask auditory learners to create rhymes and melodies to remember information, have visual and kinesthetic learners create visual aids for this purpose.
  • Schools such as Samashti international school in Hyderabad, understand the importance of teaching kids the way they understand the concepts the best.

Learning styles are not written in stone!

  • Remember that the three learning styles are just a useful guide to better understand a child’s way of learning.
  • These styles are in no way written in stone and a child needs to understand the world in different ways for an all round development.
  • Do not limit your child’s learning to just one dominant style of learning.

After going through the different learning styles you will have some idea which style is preferred by your child. However be sure to evaluate it with quizzes and test exercises to be sure of your child’s learning style.